The familiar faces

The hungry ghost

Often seen trying to snack on the unfortunate tail or shape in front of them, more often than not, another hungry ghost

Silly Squid

Usually floating about, minding it’s own business!


Just your average wide eyed looking beastie. Has a floating eyeball


Leaves a trail behind him, the random flight bath of the bumblebee


Looks innocent enough, but will squawk really loudly when you least expect it and scare the living daylights out of you


Everyones best friend, always cheerful even when it’s not. Loves Sea Monster the most.


Always catches The Hungry Ghost in the act of trying to eat someone, that’s why it always looks aghast.


The most noodly of noodles.

The hills

The place where we all go to let our minds wonder.

Sea Monster

Not nearly as monstrous as you might imagine!